On-site computer Repair and Maintenance in the Greater Montreal

Laptops and Desktops Computers Repairs

Virus? Computer slow or freezing? Password recovery?
Network issues (WiFi, synchronization, etc.)?
Startup issues? New computer preparation?
A part to replace or to add to your PC?
Need help with your mobile device?
Dust cleaning, data transfer...

Free estimate over the phone!

Montreal, Laval, and close north & south shores from 9 am to 6 pm
For computers of any brand under Windows®
For mobile devices of any brand
Residential  &  Commercial

Your computer needs a repair? You don't need to bring and let it for several days in a shop! SOS Ordi Montréal® comes home or to your company much faster, for a better price, and repairs your PC in front of you!! You'll get personalized advices from the technician working on your computer, with the certainty that your personal and/or professional data are fully respected!

We can also assist you configuring and using your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (Android®, iPad®/iPhone®).