9 am - 6 pm

About us...

SOS Ordi Montréal® is a little quebecer company (REQ: 2265980682) created in 2009 to provide individuals and businesses with a full on-site computer service in the Greater Montreal (Montreal and Laval Islands as well as North and South Shores) at very competitive rates, from 9am to 6pm.


Convenient: if you decide to get your computer fixed by a workshop, you have to unplug everything and bring it (as well as all needed accessories) to the shop. You then have to leave your computer for several days and you don't know what is being done to fix it (sometimes all your data gets erased!!). When you get back home you have to plug everything back by yourself, and if you do something wrong some features may not work correctly. But if you call SOS Ordi Montréal® everything is much easier: the computer technician comes to your home (or your company) and you see him repair your computer so you know exactly what is done. Most of the time the technician will also fix small issues aside from of the main problem and if you have any questions he will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Privacy: whoever you are (individual or company), your data is really valuable. If you leave your computer in a workshop, are you sure the technician will respect the confidentiality of your data? When you are dealing with SOS Ordi Montréal® you see what the technician is doing on your computer, so you know that your personal and professional data are fully respected. Our privacy policy will ensure we will take care of your data and protect your private life.

Warranty: our first goal is your satisfaction. That's why we will come back as soon as possible with no charge if, despite our rigorous and conscientious work, you notice the problem is not completely solved during the 3 months following our work. Unfortunately in some cases out of our control (e.g. virus, unwanted softwares, etc.) we cannot guarantee your computer will never be infected again.
In the case of a spare part replacement the technician will notify you of all the details about the warranty (usually 1 year for new parts (manufacturer warranty), except for special orders (usually 3 months)).